Victoria Kirilova

bassist | composer | educator


Victoria is a Bulgarian bass player and composer, currently living in Vienna. Her music is a mixture of various influences – from the diversity of harmonies and timbres in contemporary jazz and chamber music to the poetry and groove of traditional Bulgarian chants and odd rhythms.

Born in Bulgaria, Victoria studied double bass at the National Music School in her hometown, Sofia. Alongside with classical music, in her late teenage years she started discovering jazz, influenced by the lessons of Milcho Leviev and Hristo Yotzov, two of the most prominent jazz musicians in the local scene. She won a scholarship from Leviev’s Fund in 2010 and 2011 and was later invited by him to accompany the annual Summer Music Academy of New Bulgarian University, during which she had the chance to learn from and collaborate with jazz greats such as Billy Cobham, Aaron Goldberg, David Murray.

In 2017 Victoria graduated from the Milan Conservatory Giuseppe Verdi, studying with Paolino Dalla Porta, Attilio Zanchi, Tino Traccana and in the same year she won prizes at the National Contest Premio delle arti and Prize of the Conservatory of Milan.

With a concert at the jazz club Porgy & Bess, consisting of her original compositions, Victoria successfully completed her Master’s degree at the Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna. During her Master’s program Victoria studied with Uli Langthaler, Oliver Kent, Mario Gonzi, and she won prizes from Fidelio Competition, Jazz Festival Sankt Pölten and ARGE scholarships.

Victoria has played at venues such as Bergamo Jazz, A to Jazz, JAZZMI, St Pölten, Jazzfestival, Sevilla, Novara Jazz, Jazz in Burgas, aNOther Festival, Kultursommer Vienna, Varna Summer. She has participated in masterclasses such as Siena Jazz Summer Workshops; Begues Jazz, Spain; Summer Music Academy, Sofia.


Via Mavis

Via Mavis is an European electro-acoustic jazz trio. The debut album of the band, “Aerial Perspectives”, is inspired by a particular art technique – the simulation of changes caused by the atmosphere on the colours of distant objects. It corresponds to a central element of the style of the trio – a certain blending of genres, timbres, colours. The outlines between acoustic and electronic music are softened, less distinct, as well as the contrasts between contemporary jazz, art pop and rock elements. Another thing, which makes the trio rather unusual, is the use of the MalletKAT: it provides a versatile palette of sounds, provoking new explorations and presenting a new “read” of the classical piano-like trio.

Website – Via Mavis

Viktor Benev – malletKAT, compositions
Victoria Kirilova – bass, compositions
Martin Hafizi – drums

Life Aquatic

Life Aquatic is a contemporary jazz quartet, consisting of some of the most creative and open-minded musicians on the Viennese scene. Liquid as the lyric of their compositions, this band moves with transparent transitions between composition and improvisation. Because clearly defined written music may sometimes be interpreted freely, while the dancing freedom could sometimes sound as a cultivated listening process. Life Aquatic makes this common measure a part of its program and makes you listen to their stories and participate musically and creatively.

Nikolaus Holler – sax, compositions
Raphael Käfer – guitar, compositions
Victoria Kirilova – bass, compositions
Simon Springer – drums


Subconscious Trio

Italy, Bulgaria, and Taiwan, if it weren’t for jazz music, the three musicians of the trio would have never known each other. Fortunately, their paths cross in the Milan Conservatory. Since its founding in 2015, Subconscious Trio has participated in numerous concerts, events and festivals.
The debut album of Subconscious Trio, “Water Shapes“, was recorded in Milan in July 2021. The eight pieces in the album were written and arranged by all three musicians. “Water Shapes“ is inspired by the multitudes and shifts in on
е’s personality: contemplation and intuition; energetic extrovertion and gentle moments of solitude; wildness and flexibility – just like water’s many facets. The music of the trio is a colourful combination of various influences, always searching for balance: from traditional to more contemporary approaches; from art pop music nuances, to the eastern musical heritage – Bulgarian, Taiwanese, Carnatic and Italian traditional music, an object of exploration in the musical research of all three musicians.

Monique Chao – piano, compositions
Victoria Kirilova – bass, compositions
Francesca Remigi – drums, compositions



Colores Quartet Eldis La Rosa, Chiao-Hua Chang, Igor Gross and Victoria Kirilova first met in Vienna. Despite hailing from completely different cultures, they share a common love and passion for spirited yet wistful music. Cuban composer and multi-instrumentalist, Eldis La Rosa impresses audiences with his dominion of the flute, percussion and various saxophones. Chiao-Hua Chang is a virtuoso Erhu player from Taiwan who exudes musical flair and elegance, while Bulgarian double bass player, Victoria Kirilova, provides serenity and rhythmic strength. Most recently, Igor Gross, a gifted vibraphonist and performer, joined the band, transforming the original trio into a powerful, highly impressive quartet. Experimentation and the urge to always try something new embodies the spirit of this group.

Eldis La Rosa – sax, flute, percussion, compositions
Chiao-Hua Chang – erhu
Igor Gross – vibraphone
Victoria Kirilova – bass


Entre Nos

It is a jazz ensemble in quintet format (Saxophone/clarinet, piano, upright bass, drums and percussion) whose main musical objective is to mix harmonic and melodic elements of swing, bebop, post bop and modal jazz, with elements of music. Colombian music from the Atlantic coast, the interior of the country, Venezuelan and Afro-Cuban music. The quintet “Entre Nos” has always focused on bringing the experiences and learning acquired in Europe to Latin America, in order to promote culture, present a fresh version of Colombian, Venezuelan, and Cuban music without stereotypes, and also promote the conscience, and love for folk music not only in our countries of origin but in the world.

Juan Felipe Pulido –  piano, compositions

Laura Valbuena– saxophone,  clarinet, compositions

Victoria Kirilova – upright bass

Michael Seyfried – drums

Ruben Darío Ramírez – percissions


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 4th March  Eldis La Rosa Colores @Porgy and Bess, Vienna
 5th March  Subconscious Trio @Garage Moulinsky, Milan
 6th March  Subconscious Trio @Milestone, Piacenza
12th March Minidramen @7*Stern Wohnzimmer, Vienna
15th March Matthias Zeindhofer Quartett @zwe, Vienna
19th March Eldis La Rosa Colores @Jazz Club Drosendorf
 2nd April  Eldis La Rosa Colores @Musikheim Guntramsdorf
 30th April Eldis La Rosa Colores @Folkclub Waidhofen
2nd May Thrill Seekers @Fanialive, Vienna
5th May Colombia meets Jazz@zwe, Vienna
11th May Bulgarian Music & Jazz Workshop @ Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität, Vienna
 13th May Eldis La Rosa Colores @Verein für Kunst und Kultur Eichgraben
 14th May Eldis La Rosa Colores @Kulturimpuls Zwettl
 28th May Via Mavis @Sofia Live Club
 29th May Via Mavis @BeBop Cafè, Plovdiv
 4th June  Entre Nos Quintet @Sektlang Festival, Burgenland
25th June Subconscious Trio @Sterrrn Festiva, Graz
 27th June Subconscious Trio @zwe, Vienna
 28th June Subconscious Trio @Tunnel, Vienna
 12th July  Subconscious Trio @Genova Jazz Festival
14th  July Subconscious Trio @ Lucca Jazz Donna 
22th July Life Aquatic @zwe, Vienna
26-31th July Entre Nos Quintet @Bogota, Colombia 
20th August Via Mavis @TAM Festival, Veliko Tarnovo
 10th September Eldis La Rosa Colores @Theater am Spittelberg
23th September Via Mavis @ European Jazz Conference, Official Showcase